Recorded Audition Guidelines

For undergraduate applicants, please provide up to six minutes of your best playing or singing (keyboard recordings may be longer). Duration as needed for graduate recordings. The ideal audition recording(s) will exhibit both your technical and lyrical abilities. A separate recording for each piece plus scales (if required) is acceptable.

Undergraduate applicants should upload their recorded audition files to their Acceptd application. Graduate applicants should upload recordings to YouTube and email links to MUSICADMISSIONS@ECU.EDU.

  1. Place the camera to show your face and most of your body.
  2. Introduce yourself and the composer and work title.
  3. Piano auditions
    1. Place the camera for side view with clear view of hands and pedal area.
    2. Announce whether the selection is performed from memory
    3. Repertoire recommendations and scale requirements here.
  4. Voice auditions
    1. Selections should be memorized
    2. Voice auditions must be accompanied by piano.
  5. Woodwind and brass auditions
    1. Accompanied auditions are not expected but are welcomed.
    2. Repertoire recommendations and scale requirements here.
    3. Excerpts are acceptable; you do not have to perform entire pieces.
  6. String auditions (including classical guitar)
    1. Selections should be unaccompanied
    2. Repertoire recommendations and scale requirements here.
  7. Percussion (classical, non-jazz).
    1. For snare drum, mallets and timpani the recording should show the performer’s entire body.
    2. For drum set, the kick drum (bass drum) should be facing the camera; the video should show the entire performer and instrument with the kick drum facing the camera.
    3. Read percussion audition repertoire guidelines here.
    4. Contact percussion professor Dr. Quintin Mallette with any questions.
  8. Organ auditions: Position the camera with a side view so that hands and feet are visible. Each piece should be an unedited performance. Include one hymn and announce or close-caption the titles and composers of the pieces performed. Repertoire recommendations here.
  9. Jazz studies auditions: ECU Jazz Studies Program Recorded Audition Requirements and Material.

Visit the Academic Programs page or information about specific degrees. Contact a faculty member for your area.

Questions? Email MUSICADMISSIONS@ECU.EDU or call 252-328-4281.