Music Therapy Clinic @ East Carolina University (MTC@ECU)

Through the therapeutic use of music, we assist those of all ages and abilities make progress towards goals and live a healthy and purposeful life!

Our Mission

The MTC@ECU seeks to increase access to future-focused, innovative, patient-and family-centered music therapy services for those with a variety of health and wellness needs, across the lifespan from infants through older adulthood throughout Pitt County and the surrounding ENC region. We seek to increase access to underserved populations and regions and to increase opportunities for student training and collaboration within the community.

What is music therapy?

If you are unfamiliar with the discipline of music therapy, you are not alone. The profession of music therapy has been established for over 75 years, which is surprising to many people! Our national professional organization, American Music Therapy Association, describes music therapy as, “the  clinical & evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. Music therapy interventions can address a variety of healthcare & educational goals and many can benefit from music therapy services. The base of evidence in music therapy research is extensive and strong”.

Board-certified music therapists (MT-BC) are trained in variety of musical instrument and music applications, including knowing music from a variety of genres and decades. Music therapists are additionally trained in knowing how to adapt musical elements in real time to allow clients to be successful in reaching goals because of their knowledge in how music is processed and activates neurologic processing. Music therapists undergo 1200 clinical training hours at the undergraduate level alone and are board-certified by Certification Board for Music Therapists.

The Treatment Process

Similar to other health and therapeutic disciplines, music therapists implement a treatment process when working with you or your loved one. This includes: an assessment that helps us understand the needs and abilities of the individual and to learn about the interests and personal/family goals for treatment, formulation of a treatment plan including measurable goals and objectives, implementation of services, and evaluation of progress. We provide clinical paperwork to individual and/or caregiver along with pre-determined periodic progress evaluations.

Where can I receive services from MTC@ECU?

  • On-campus Clinic: Individual and small group music therapy sessions are delivered in the clinic space located in Joyner East Building (Room 219) on the East Carolina University Campus, across from the Joyner Library. There is a large parking garage nearby this location along with a drop off location close to the clinic space where the clinician can meet clients to assist them with entering the location.
  • Community Agency/Facility: Individual and group sessions are delivered at community agencies/facilities throughout Pitt Co. and the ENC region. If you are a program director or staff at a facility, please contact us to set up a meeting to determine how services can be benefit and be delivered for your agency.
  • Telehealth: Telehealth services are available for individual and small group sessions. This can be in conjunction with alternating in-person visits if applicable.

Session Fees

MTC@ECU operates as a non-profit under the university. All fees collected for services rendered sustain the operation of the clinic and allow for reduced fees for those who qualify.

Individual Session full price base rate

  • $45.00/30 min of contact
  • $65.00/45 min of contact
  • $90.00/60 min of contact
  • Assessment Session: no charge
  • Single Paperwork Processing fee: $100 (assessment report, treatment plan, periodic progress evaluations)

Reduced rates

The MTC@ECU prioritizes increasing access to marginalized and underserved populations and operate utilizing an income-based fee structure. During the assessment session when intake paperwork is completed, you may provide annual or monthly household income and proof of income (such as a paystub) which will determine your reduced fee.  We understand that financial circumstances can change, and you can update this information with your therapist at any time which will readjust your session fee.  The session fee is based on household gross income.

Annual IncomeMonthly IncomeClinic Fee
$0-20,000$0-1,700$20 for 30 minute session
$30 for 45 minute session
$20,000-30,000$1,700-2,500$25 for 30 minute session
$35 for 45 minute session
$30,000-40,000$2,500-3,300$35 for 30 minute session
$40 for 45 minute session
$40,000-50,000$3,300-4,200$40 for 30 minute session
$45 for 45 minute session
$50,000-60,000$4,200-5,000$40 for 30 minute session
$45 for 45 minute session"
$60,000+$5,000+Base rate

Agency Group Session Rates

  • For Profit organizations:
    • $85.00/30 min of contact
    • $125.00/45 min of contact
    • $160.00/60 min of contact
  • Non-profit organization:
    • $65.00/30 min of contact
    • $95.00/45 min
    • $120.00/60 min

Multi-session Group Rate

For facilities/agencies wishing to provide 2 or more sessions delivered on same day (consecutive delivery preferred) or different days of the week.

  • For Profit organization rates:
    • $80.00/30 min of contact
    • $115.00/45 min of contact
    • $145.00/60 min of contact
  • Non-profit organization discounted rate:
    • $60.00/30 min of contact
    • $85.00/45 min
    • $105.00/60 min

Please contact us for information and fee structure for sessions during summer camps or other programming that would include multiple music therapy sessions.

Travel Fee

For services delivered outside of Pitt Co. a fee will be assessed for travel of the clinician to the facility. This applies to for and non-profit agencies.  The fee will be calculated by the milage from the on-campus MTC to the facility utilizing the national milage rate, currently 62.5 cents/mi


Session payment is due prior to the session and all payments are processed online via the secure online payment portal.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!