What to Expect on Audition Day

Audition day is your opportunity to learn about the majors we offer, meet faculty from various majors and applied studios, learn about music student organizations, and interact with students. The music theory and musicianship assessments enable us to place you in the proper freshman music theory class. Parents are encouraged to attend.

Music Fundamentals Exam & One-on-one Musicianship Screening

The music theory fundamentals placement test and musicianship screening help us place you in the proper first-semester music theory and aural skills classes. Use the resources on this page to prepare.

Parent Meeting

Parents have the opportunity to meet the Director of the School of Music who will answer questions and talk about topics such as admission, curriculum, scholarships, and housing.

Informational Meetings

During break-out sessions faculty meet with students and parents to talk about intended majors and career path.


Intended music education, music therapy, and composition majors will meet individually with professors from their area to get acquainted and talk about the program and career options.


The audition allows you to meet the faculty in your area and display your talent.  Auditions last approximately 7 to 10 minutes for undergraduates and 10 to 15 minutes for graduates.  Requirements vary according to instrument and are detailed on the Undergraduate Audition Guidelines page. You are strongly encouraged to discuss these requirements with your private instructor. Vocalists are scheduled a brief run-through with a faculty accompanist prior to their audition and instrumentalists play unaccompanied.

Questions? Contact Assistant Director for Student Services, 252-328-4281.