The Perkins and Wells Memorial Organ C.B. Fisk, Opus 126

The 2005 arrival of the C.B. Fisk, Opus 126 pipe organ filled a much needed void. For many years, despite a reputation for excellence in the fields of organ and sacred music studies, the lack of a campus-area instrument to support the academic and musical growth of the next generation of church musicians and organists has remained a critical issue for the School of Music. A partnership between Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church and the ECU School of Music allows for a strong collaboration and a practical, hands-on training ground for future generations of church musicians. The Fisk organ resides in Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, where it is the principal instrument in the leading of worship services, and it is also the primary teaching and performing organ for East Carolina University. When Saint Paul’s Parish embarked on a project for a new church structure, the church engaged one of the country’s leading acousticians, Dana Kirkegaard, to work with the liturgical design team, architect, and organ builder so that the resulting room encourages creative, vibrant liturgy and possesses a superb acoustic of 7 seconds which enhances both the sung word and instrumental music.

Funding for the organ was spearheaded by the East Carolina Musical Arts Education Foundation (ECMAEF), a non-profit, 501 C 3 organization founded to provide an appropriate vehicle for collaborative ventures between the town of Greenville, “the “gown” of East Carolina University and the musical community of eastern North Carolina. ECMAEF remains the primary organization for support, programming, and maintenance of the instrument. Two area trusts, however, must be singled out for special recognition. In view of the extraordinary support of the James J. and Mamie Richardson Perkins, and Mildred Sheffield Wells Charitable Trusts, the C.B. Fisk, Opus 126 organ has been designated The Perkins and Wells Memorial Organ, a lasting tribute to those persons who placed such high importance upon the spiritual and educational welfare of the citizens of Pitt County. The instrument stands as a testament to the broad base of support that this unique project has engendered.

View Technical Specifications for the Opus 126, C.B. Fisk (The Perkins, Wells Memorial Organ).

East Carolina Musical Arts Education Foundation

Having completed the initial goal of fundraising for the Fisk organ, ECMAEF continues its responsibility to maintain this instrument for perpetuity, and to provide for education, creative programming, and the cultural enrichment of society. ECMAEF can only continue this work through the generous support of individual and corporate donations. Please visit the ECMAEF home page for a more detailed history of the organ, more information about concerts and events, and to find out how you can contribute to this legacy. You might also consider becoming one of our “Friends of the Fisk.