The Annual Young Artists Competition in Organ Performance


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2024 East Carolina Musical Arts Education Foundation (ECMAEF) Organ Competition


Please contact  or 252-752-3482 for information about the 14th Annual Competition for Pre-College Organists.

The competition is an innovative outreach program designed to inspire young musicians to strive for the highest level of artistry in organ performance, and offers the opportunity to perform publicly for a live audience in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. The competition is open to any pre-college organ student in the United States. 

The competition introduces an audience prize ($100) where the audience is given the opportunity to vote for the player whose performance they most enjoyed; this should inform program construction for the final round. 

Following the competition will be a masterclass. This is also open to the public, and competitors are warmly encouraged (though not required) to participate. 

Final Round:

Applicant’s free choice of repertoire to present a recital not more than forty (40) minutes in length, The program must include a work by J. S. Bach. Repertoire from the recorded round may be included but is not required. In constructing the program, competitors should aim to demonstrate the fullest range of their musicianship, as regards both technique and interpretation. For this public round, consideration will be given to program construction. The applicant will also play a hymn, of his or her choice. This may be played at any point during the program.  

Not more than three persons will be chosen for live competition. Each will receive an equal amount of practice time. A page turner will be available during the performances. Teachers or others accompanying the competitor may help with registration during practice time; however, the competitor must manage his or her own registration during the performance without assistance. Judges’ comments will be given to each competitor for both rounds. Performers must use legal scores. The judge’s decisions will be final. The competition will be open to the public. 


First prize: The Cathee Jean Huber Memorial Prize, sponsored by East Carolina Musical Arts Education Foundation. $1,500Second Prize: The Fisk Prize, sponsored by C.B. Fisk, Inc., Organ builders. $750Third prize: The American Guild of Organists Prize, sponsored by the Eastern Carolina Chapter of the AGO. $300The Bach Prize: recognizing the outstanding performance of a work by Johann Sebastian Bach. $100The Hymn Playing Prize: recognizing the day’s most outstanding hymn playing. $100Audience Prize: recognizing the performance the audience most enjoys. $100