Music Education Degrees

For more than 50 years the School of Music has been training students to be music educators, and our graduates are employed in public and private institutions throughout the country. The School of Music offers the Music Education, BM and the Music, MM with a concentration in Music Education.

Undergraduate Degree

The goal of the undergraduate Music Education program at ECU is to prepare, develop, and advance you to a professional level through an experiential program that emphasizes attainment of concert performance and basic and new knowledge taught in the core and teaching areas. *The Bachelor of Music in Music Education leads to K-12 Music licensure in the state of North Carolina when all degree and licensure requirements are met.

For more undergraduate degree information contact:
MUSICADMISSIONS@ECU.EDU Assistant Director for Student Services, 252-328-4281

Graduate Degree

The Master of Music degree with a concentration in music education is predominantly online (emphasis in Pedagogical Studies is 100% online), and has two options: one is in teacher education (approved for North Carolina teacher licensure), the other option does not include licensure preparation.*

Click here to access the graduate catalog regarding the MM degree with a concentration in Music Education.

The Master of Music degree with a concentration in music education (Licensure) Click here for Admission and Application Information.

For more graduate degree information contact:
Dr. Jay Juchniewicz Coordinator of Graduate Studies, 252-328-1251

*Institutional and Professional Licensure Disclosures for Enrolled and Prospective Students

ECU degree programs satisfy the professional licensure and/or certification requirements in North Carolina and prepare students to sit for these exams. However, requirements in other states may be different.

If you are considering a degree program that may, would, could or potentially lead to a professional license and/or certification, please note that at this time ECU may or may not be able to advise whether a program meets requirements outside of North Carolina. Prior to enrolling in a degree program, please discuss this important topic with your program of interest.