Graduate Audition Repertoire

Graduate Vocal Auditions

For MM, Music and CAPS (Advanced Performance Studies, Certificate) Applicants

  • Prepare a minimum of six selections in differing styles and expressing proficiency in English, French, German, and Italian.
  • At least two selections must be arias; at least one from an opera and one from an oratorio.
  • Memorization of all works is required.
  • An accompanist will be provided for your audition.

For additional voice repertoire information contact Professor John Kramar, Chair, Vocal Studies Department.

Graduate Instrumental Auditions

Performance of three contrasting compositions (or movements of larger works) from the major repertoire for the instrument are required.

For face-to-face auditions, sight-reading, scales and arpeggios may be required.

For recorded organ auditions position the camera with a side view so that hands and feet are visible. Each piece should be an unedited performance. Include one hymn and announce or close-caption the titles and composers of the pieces performed. Additional organ repertoire information here.

For additional repertoire or recorded audition information contact the faculty member for your instrument. School of Music faculty listed here.

Graduate Vocal and Instrumental Jazz Auditions

Please see information under Jazz heading on this page.