MM, concentration in Music Theory:

All applicants for graduate study in the School of Music will take a diagnostic examination to determine preparation for graduate study. For more information about this diagnostic exam

Applicants for the MM, concentration in Music Theory, should submit the following portfolio materials in support of their application for the graduate program:

  • Personal statement: Typed 1-2 page essay containing a brief discussion of your background and musical training as well as a statement of your professional goals;
  • Two samples of analytical papers which demonstrate musical analysis and language/writing skills.
  • For more information on how to apply, please refer to the Graduate School’s online application, found here.
  • Graduate applicants to Theory, Composition & Musicology Department concentrations are required to take either the GRE or MAT examination. For admission, the verbal and quantitative percentiles of the GRE are averaged and must be equal to or greater than the 30th percentile, while the MAT must equal at least the 30th percentile.  Please note that students who are above the 60% percentile in both verbal and quantitative are often the most successful in this program.

Candidates for the MM, concentration in Music Theory, must satisfy the requirements in the catalog, including an analytical thesis of substantial proportions, written with faculty approval, and under faculty supervision.