2006 NewMusic@ECU Festival

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March 1-4, 2006
Location: East Carolina University, School of Music
Greenville, North Carolina
6 Concerts/recitals, 6 Master Classes, 2 Seminars, and readings of student compositions will highlight this Sixth Annual Festival of New Music at East Carolina University. For more information, contact: Edward Jacobs, 252-328-4280

Schedule of 2006 NewMusic@ECU Events

All events in the A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall unless noted.

March 1, Wednesday

4:00 p.m.  — Fletcher Music Ctr., Rm. 305
Master Class I: Anthony Iannaccone, Visiting Composer
A discussion of Waiting for Sunrise on the Sound and other works

8:00 p.m. — Wright Auditorium
Concert I: East Carolina University Symphony Orchestra
Jorge Richter, conductor, Christopher Grymes, clarinet
Mark Taggart, Tarantella (2005) (World Premiere)Joan Tower, Clarinet Concerto (1988)
Anthony Iannaccone, Waiting for Sunrise on the Sound
winner of the 2006 NewMusic@ECU Festival
Orchestral Composition Competition
Marlos Nobre, Passacaglia (1997)
Admission is FREE

March 2, Thursday

5:00 p.m. — Fletcher Music Center, Rm. 265
Master Class II: David Glaser, Visiting Composer

8:00 p.m. — A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall
Concert II: Louise Toppin, soprano NewMusic for voice
Gary Smart, Three Sonnets from the Portugese (2003)
Jay Pierson, Three Poems of Robert Frost
William Banfield, The Prophetess (1992)
Adolphus Hailstork, Who Is Sylvia (2003) (NC Premiere)
Aspects of Bill (World Premiere), in memoriam Willie Brown
with world premieres of songs by T.J. Anderson, Leroy Jenkins, William Banfield, Julius Williams, Olly Wilson, Alvin Singleton, and Donal Fox.
(Tickets: $5)

March 3, Friday

9:00-10:00 a.m. — Fletcher Music Ctr., Rm. 216
Master Class I II: T.J. Anderson, Julius Williams, Visiting Composers

10:00-11:30 a.m. — A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall
Seminar I: Verdehr Trio, on repertoire from some of the most celebrated composers of our time

1:00-2:45 p.m. — Fletcher Music Ctr., Rm. 105
Seminar II: Verdehr Trio, readings of student compositions

3:00 p.m. — A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall
Concert III: NewMusic for Mixed Ensembles I
ECU New Music Camerata
Mark Richardson, The Garden Path for horn and piano (2005) Vincent Persichetti Parable XXII for solo tuba
Elena Ruehr, The Law of Floating Objects, arr. for flute choir
Olivier Messiaen, “Appel Interstellaire” from Des Canyons
aux Étoiles for horn
(Tickets: $5)

5:00-6:00 p.m. — Fletcher Music Ctr., Rm. 216
Master Class III: Elena Ruehr, Visiting Composer

8:00 p.m.
Concert IV: Ursula Oppens, piano
Elliott Carter, Two Diversions (1999)
Night Fantasies (1980)
Conlon Nancarrow, Two Canons for Ursula (1988)
Tobias Picker, Old and Lost Rivers (1986)
Fredric Rzewski, Mayn Yingele (1989)
(Tickets: $5)

8:00 p.m.– Mendenhall Student Center Great Hall
Jazz at Night
Featuring ECU Jazz faculty and students
(tickets required contact 1-800-ECU-ARTS)

March 4, Saturday

10:00 a.m. — Fletcher Music Ctr., Rm. 105
Master Class IV: Ursula Oppens, piano

3:00 p.m.
Concert V: NewMusic for Mixed Ensembles II
ECU New Music Camerata
The Armed (Wo)Men, for viola, 6 tpts
Raymond Luedeke, Three Wonderland Duets for two tubas & narrator
David Glaser, Moonset No. 1 for soprano and clarinet
Benjamin Boone, Alley Dance, for saxophone quartet
(Tickets: $5)

8:00 p.m. — A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall
Concert VI: The Verdehr Trio
Bright Sheng, Tibetan Dance (2001)
Jonathan Harvey, Clarinet Trio (2004)
Peter Sculthorpe, Dreamtracks (1992)
Margaret Brouwer, Trio (2005)
Alexander Arutunian, Suite  (1992)

Festival Performers

Ursula Oppens, piano
*Elsa Ludewig Verdehr, clarinet
* Walter Verdehr, violin
*Silvia Roederer, piano
Louise Toppin, soprano
Travis Alford, trumpet
Mary Burroughs, horn
Jacob Cameron, tuba
Tony Granados, tuba
Laura Dail, trumpet
Alisa Gilliam, piano
Christopher Grymes, clarinet
Katie Miller, viola
Scott Miller, trumpet
John O’Brien, piano
Britton Theurer, trumpeta
Julie Willis, natural trumpet
Yoram Youngerman, viola
East Carolina University Orchestra, Jorge Richter, conductor

ECU Saxophone Quartet, Jeff Bair, director
ECU Flute Choir, Christine Gustafson, director

*Verdehr Trio: East Carolina University’s (Spring) 2006 Robert L. Jones Distinguished Professor of Music

Festival Composers in attendance

Anthony Iannaccone, Eastern Michigan University,
winner of the NewMusic@ECU Festival Orchestral Composition Competition
David Glaser, Yeshiva University
TJ Anderson, Raleigh, NC
Julius Williams, Berklee College of Music
Elena Ruehr, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mark Richardson, East Carolina University
Mark Alan Taggart, East Carolina University
Britt Theurer, East Carolina University
Martha Horst, East Carolina University
Edward Jacobs, East Carolina University

Works to be performed:  [*=world premiere]

*Anderson, T..J., A Sonic Language (2005)
Arutunian, Alexander, Suite  (1992)
*Banfield, William, It’s All Good My Borther (2005)
Boone, Benjamin, Alley Dance (1996)
Brouwer, Margaret, Trio (2005)
Carter, Elliott, Night Fantasies (1980)
Two Diversions (1999)
*Fox, Donal, Peace Out (2006)
Glaser, David, Moonset No. 1 (2004)
Harvey, Jonathan, Clarinet Trio (2004)
Iannaccone, Anthony, Waiting for Sunrise on the Sound
*Jenkins, Leroy, She Responded (2005)
Luedeke, Raymond,  Three Wonderland Duets
Messiaen, Olivier, “Appel Interstellaire” from Des Canyons des Etoiles (1974)
Nancarrow, Conlon, Two Canons for Ursula (1988)
Nobre, Marlos, Passacaglia (1997)
Persichetti, Vincent, Parables XXII (1981)
*Richardson, Mark, The Garden Path (2006)
*Ruehr, Elena, The Law of Floating Objects (2001) arr. (2006)
Rzewski, Fredric, Mayn Yingele (1989)
Sculthorpe, Peter, Dreamtracks (1992)
Sheng, Bright,  Tibetan Dance (2001)
*Singleton, Alvin, Brown Gone (2006)
*Taggart, Mark, Tarantella (2005)
Tower, Joan, Clarinet Concerto (1988)
*Williams, Julius, Africa (2005)
*Wilson, Olly, There Is A Need (2005)

Works to be premiered at festival

T.J. Anderson, A Sonic Language (2005)
William Banfield, It’s All Good My Borther (2005)
Donal Fox, Peace Out (2006)
Leroy Jenkins, She Responded (2005)
Mark Richardson, The Garden Path (2006)
Elena Ruehr, Law of Floating Objects, arr. flute choir
Alvin Singleton, Brown Gone (2006)
Mark Taggart, Tarantella (2005)
Julius Williams, Africa (2005)
Olly Wilson, There Is A Need (2005)



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