2011 NewMusic@ECU Festival

March 15 – 21, 2011

Celebrating the music of our time with

Genkin Philharmonic
Yukiko & Keiko Sekino, piano duo
ECU Symphony, Jorge Richter, dir
Ensemble 4.33
ECU NewMusic Camerata
Marc Faris’ An Alternative Community
Christopher Ulffers, bassoon
Midori, violin

Come out, hear some new ideas, and celebrate with us–OUR 11th ANNUAL CELEBRATIONS OF THE SOUNDS OF OUR TIME This year’s festival features NINE concerts, master classes with visiting composers, performers, reading sessions of student composers’ works, and more!

Please take a few moments to browse the schedule of events here, or use the menu on the left for more information.

We look forward to meeting you at the Annual NewMusic@ECU Festival.

March 21, 2011 @ 7:30pm: Midori

For additional information about the festival, or to become a festival sponsor, contact: East Carolina University School of Music, 252-328-6851, or   Edward Jacobs, NewMusic@ECU Festival Director, NewMusic@ECU.EDU 252-328-4280

2011 Schedule of Events

(all classes, events, concerts in one handy booklet, just click, download and print)
CONCERT SCHEDULE (all in A.J. Fletcher recital hall, unless noted)

Mar. 15

@7:30pm: Ensemble 4.33
Morton Feldman’s Crippled Symmetry

Mar. 16

@7:30pm: Secret Messages:
An Exhibition of Contemporary
Art Music, Curated by Jon Nelson

Mar. 17

@7:30pm: Genkin Philharmonic

Mar. 18

@7:30pm: Yukiko & Keiko Sekino, piano duo

Mar. 19

@3:00pm: ECU NewMusic Camerata @7:30pm: East Carolina University Orchestra
Jorge Richter, Director
at Wright Auditorium

Mar. 20

@3:00pm: Marc Faris’
An Alternative Community
Toyota Amphitheater
Greenville Town Common
1st & Greene St. @7:30pm: Christopher Ulffers, bsn
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
401 E 4th St., Greenville, NC

Mar. 21

@7:30pm: Midori, vln
Wright Auditorium

Performers & Composers in attendance

Performers (Guest artists bold; ECU Faculty italics)

Genkin Philharmonic
Steve Baczkowski, winds
Tim Clarke, trumpet
Matthew Felski, drums
Tom Kolor, percussion
Jon Lombardo, trombone
William Louden, piano
Jeff McLeod, guitar
Jon Nelson, trumpet
Lazara Nelson, violin
Mike Wagner, piano

Christine Gustafson, flute
Christopher Grymes, clarinet
Christopher Ulffers, bassoon
Chris Nappi, percussion
Catherine Garner, piano
Alisa Gilliam, piano
Keiko Sekino, piano
Yukiko Sekino, piano
Eric Stellrecht, piano
Midori, violin
Shelley Maddox, soprano
Melissa Reardon, viola
Marc Faris, guitar
Scott Carter, conductor
Jorge Richter, conductor

ECU Symphony Orchestra
ECU Wind Ensemble members

Members of:
Cantwell, Gomez & Jordan
In the Year of the Pig
Le Weekend
Maple Stave
Savage Knights


Paul Siskind, Winner, 2011 NewMusic@ECU Festival Composition Competition
Ross Bauer, University of California, Davis
Marc Faris, East Carolina University
Mark Taggart, East Carolina University
Mark Richardson, East Carolina University
Edward Jacobs, East Carolina University

Works to be performed at the festival

* indicates a WORLD PREMIERE performance!

Adams, John, Road Movies (1995)
Babbitt, Milton, Concerto Piccolino (1999)
Homily (1987)
*Ballou, Dave, for trumpet and vibraphone (2011) WORLD PREMIERE
*Bauer, Ross, Split Infinitives (2010)
Berio, Luciano, Sequenza VI (viola) (1967)
Dean, Brett, Berlin Music (2010)
Dockery, Dwight, Reflections of the Moon (2009)
Eötvös, Peter, Kosmos (1961/99)
Feldman, Morton, A Very Short Trumpet Piece (1983)
Crippled Symmetry (1983)
Hendrix, Jimi, Crosstown Traffic
Purple Haze
Hosokawa, Toshio, Vertical Time Study III (1996)
King Crimson, Thrak
Korf, Anthony, 6 Miniatures for flute with piano (1996)
3 Movements for Clarinet Solo (1992)
MacMillan, James, After the Tryst (1994)
Mobberley, James, Words of Love (2008)
Nancarrow, Conlon, Tango? (1983)
Penderecki, Kyzysztof, Symphony No. 4 (1989)
Rabe, Folk, Basta (1982)
Reynolds, Verne, Fantasy-Etudes for Bassoon and Percussion (1979)
*Richardson, Mark, Concerto for Tuba (2011) WORLD PREMIERE
*Shulman, Moshe, Secret Messages (2010) WORLD PREMIERE
Siskind, Paul, Gumption Trap (2010)
*Stadelman, Jeffrey, Koral 17, “Soulflake” (2009) WORLD PREMIERE
Steinmetz, John, Sonata for Bassoon and Piano (1980)
Stravinsky, Igor, Sacre du Printemps (two pianos)
van Vliet, Don, Apes Ma
Dropout Boogie
Ice Rose
Vasks, Pëteris, In Memoriam (1977)
Vustin, Alexander, “The Weeping”
Waddle, P. Kellach, Stolen from Churches
Watkins, Huw, Coruscation and Reflections (1989)
Xenakis, Iannis, Rebonds B (1987-9)
Zappa, Frank, Big Swifty
The Black Page
Dog Breath Variations (1993)
Dupree’s Paradise
Eat That Question
Echidna’s Arf
Envelopes (1982)
Harry, You’re A Beast
Igor’s Boogie
Let’s Make The Water Turn Black
Marqueson’s Chicken
The Orange County Lumber Truck
Peaches en Regalia
Pygmy Twylyte
Run Home Slow
T’Mershi Duween
Zomby Woof


To become one of the growing number of sponsors of the NEWMUSIC@ECU FESTIVAL
please contact: Edward Jacobs, 252-328-4280 or NewMusic@ecu.edu

This annual celebration of contemporary music is made possible only with the generous sponsorship of foundations, corporations and individuals.  We are profoundly grateful for the support they have offered us, and are proud to count those listed below among the NEWMUSIC@ECU FESTIVAL’s benefactors:

Hilton Greenville
Aaron Copland fund for New Music
Alicem M. Ditson Fund of Columbia University
Student Forum for Music Organizations, ECU School of Music
Student Government Association, East Carolina University
Dept. of Theory, Composition & Musicology, ECU School of Music
Hopper Piano and Organ
Leslie Vincent Massage Therapy


Audrey Andrist
Ross Bauer
College of Fine Arts & Communication, Michael Dorsey, Dean, in memory of Rita Jacobs
Martin Boykan
J. Christopher and Mary Buddo
Blair & John Van Coutren/Hilton Greenville
Michael Crane
Martha & Harley Dartt
Stephen Dembski
Michael Dingfelder
Tom & Alice Glennon/Hilton Greenville
Christine Gustafson & David Savige
Edward Jacobs
Glenn Laursen
Michael Lowenstern & Katherine Cooke
Jon R. Nelson
Steve Rosenthal
Barry Shank
Diane & Peter Stein
Anonymous, in memory of Gene M. Taggart
Glenna, Michi & Britt Theurer, in memory of Rita Jacobs
Carol Thomas
Leslie Vincent
Jim & Margaret Wirth

With special thanks to Harley Dartt, Paula Toothman, Terri Bostick, Dawn Harrison, Vickie Peele, Michael Dorsey, Chris Buddo, Tom Huener, Michael Crane, Michael Laroche, Jessica Ker, Tom Skinner, Leslie Vincent & Silver Faris, Krystal Wilkinson of the Hilton Greenville, the entire School of Music staff, faculty and administration for their ongoing support and assistance throughout the year.

NewMusic@ECU–where newmusic is born–
dedicated to those who love to listen.