Treasured Tunes featuring Jocelyn Nelson

Q&A with Jocelyn Nelson

Dr. Jocelyn Nelson teaches music history and early guitar in ECU’s School of Music. Nelson, who specializes in plucked instrument music from the 16th to 19th centuries, has been teaching at ECU for eight years. Nelson plays the renaissance guitar, which is the ancestor to all modern guitars. She received her DMA from the University of Colorado at Boulder, her dual MA in music history and guitar performance and her BM from the University of Denver.

What musicians inspire you?

Many musicians inspire me. As a music history teacher, I am constantly inspired by the vast array of musicians that I teach about. The musicians close to my heart are those who I introduce in my podcast. Adrian Le Roy was a musician I focused on for my dissertation.

How did you become passionate about music?

I have always loved music, and I was always interested in sound. Growing up, whenever I saw musicians, I was always entranced by them.

What do you enjoy about teaching music?

I love it when I see that light bulb go on top of those undergraduate students’ heads. With graduate students, they are developing specialties and so on. I love it all, and I love what they teach me, as well.

If we were to look at your iPod or ride with you in your car, what music would we hear?

Paul O’Dette’s lute CD of French 16th-century music

Any music/songs people might be surprised about when they learn you listen to them?

I love world music and popular music. I love all kinds of music.

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