Honor an emeritus faculty member with your tax-deductible gift. Names, dates and areas of service are listed below.

Dr. Charles Bath, 1966-2009, piano; chair, keyboard department (deceased)

Earl Beach, 1958–1974, dean (deceased)

Dr. Ruth Boxberger, 1967–1987, music therapy (deceased)

George Broussard, 1972-2012, trombone (deceased)

Dr. Mary Burroughs, 1987-2019, horn

Dr. Herbert Carter, 1956–1991, chair, instrumental department; clarinet/saxophone (deceased)

Beatrice Chauncey, 1959–1991, flute (deceased)

Antonia Dalapas, 1971–1992, voice

Carroll Dashiell, 1989-2023, jazz studies

Dr. Joseph Distefano, 1968–2001, chair, basic studies department; clarinet/saxophone

Dr. Henry Doskey, piano

Elizabeth Drake, 1946–1977, piano (deceased)

Dr. Edmund Durham, 1950–1977, theory/clarinet (deceased)

Dr. Rhonda Fleming, 1978–1999, choral activities, music education

Dr. Michelle Hairston, music education/music therapy

Robert Hause, 1967–2005, assistant/associate dean, ECU Symphony Conductor  (deceased)

Dr. Otto Henry, 1968–1997, music history, composition, electronic music

Dr. Linda High, music education

Dr. Clyde Hiss, 1965–1995, voice, opera

Dr. Gregory Hurley, music education

Dr. E. Robert Irwin, 1966-1989, organ (deceased)

Harold Jones, 1962–1996, chair, instrumental department; percussion

Dr. George Knight, 1962–1998, chair, music education; assistant dean, clarinet, marching band

Virginia Linn, 1965–1995, voice (deceased)

Dr. Richard Lucht, 1967–2002, group piano

Dr. Kevin Moll, 1998–2023, department of theory, composition, musicology

Dr. Charles Moore, 1968–1992, chair, voice department

Dr. Catherine Murphy, voice and choral education

James Parnell, 1966–1987, horn (deceased)

Dr. Everett Pittman, 1968–1992, dean, theory (deceased)

Dr. Rodney Schmidt, 1967–2006, interim director, associate director, assistant dean, violin/viola

Dr. Charles F. Schwartz, 1981–2000, dean, music education

James Searl, 1965–1998, theory, trumpet

Barry Shank, 1961–1995, theory, trumpet (deceased)

Ruth Shaw, 1966–1992, music education (deceased)

Dr. Ralph Shumaker, 1975–1998, music education, trombone, president of NCMEA

Dr. Charles Stevens, 1960–1990, dean, piano (deceased)

Dr. Paul Tardiff, piano

Eleanor Toll, 1942–1978, piano (deceased)

Dr. Paul Topper, 1963–2001, violin/viola (deceased)

Jonathon Wacker, percussion

Lori Wacker, department of theory, composition, musicology

Gladys White, 1948–1991, voice (deceased)