THE MACHINE IS NEITHER [March 23 & 25, 2019]

The Machine is NeitherEMMA HOSPELHORN, Flute & BEN SUTHERLAND, Composer

THE MACHINE IS NEITHER… is an interactive electroacoustic collaboration formed in 2013 between Emma Hospelhorn, flutes and gestural control, and Ben Sutherland, composer and designer/ programmer. The Machine itself is a set of software/hardware tools, including live input from microphone and an Xbox Kinect game controller, that combine to become a sort of hyper-instrument, where sounds and loops can be molded and transformed by simple gestures and movements. Sometimes we collaborate with dancers, who provideĀ us with bodies and gestural control. Sometimes we provide the bodies ourselves.

In a unique collaboration between several programs within ECU’s College of Fine Arts & Communication, The Machine Is Neither… will create a new work to be danced by students in the School of Theater and Dance. This newly commissioned work incorporates motion capture hardware and software, as well as other applications, in designing the relationship between sound and gesture. This new work will be heard twice:

  • Saturday, Marach 23, 2019, in McGinnis Theatre, on a single night of “Dance 2019” (Tickets required, via online box office, or by calling 1-800-ECU-ARTS)
  • Monday, March 25, 2019, @ A.J. Fletcher Recital Hall, along with more work by The Machine Is Neither…

[March 23, 2019 @ McGinnis Theatre, Dance 2019 tickets at 1-800-ECU-ARTS]
[March 25, 2019 @ A.J. Fletcher School of Music, 7:30pm, free admission.]