Music Therapy/Education welcome guests

Tony DeBlois, pianist for the Banquet of Eastern Carolina Vocational Center, joined the music therapy program for an impromptu jam session on Thursday, October 14. DeBlois, 36, was born prematurely with blindness, autism and Savant Syndrome. His genius is music. He has a repertoire of 7000 to 8000 songs, perfect pitch and plays 13 instruments.

Dr. Clifford K. Madsen, Coordinator of Music Education/Music Therapy/Contemporary Media at Florida State University, presented the Leadership in Music Education and Music Therapy Seminar to more than 80 students, faculty and guests at ECU on Wednesday, October 20th & Thursday, October 21st. Topics included Current Trends and Practices in Music Therapy, Developing Leadership Skills in the Music Environment and Education Advocacy: Developing Leaders for the Music Education Profession.